AMA Winter Driving Advice

As the winter weather and road conditions have set in and we are adjusting our routines and schedules to accommodate winter driving habits AMA’s Manager of driver education Ryan Lamont has a few reminders to keep us safe. 

“Once that temperature drips or dips below -15 that’s an ideal time to start plugging in your vehicle. We typically see within Alberta batteries last between three to five years. And once that temperature dips below -15 it can create that added strain on your battery so plugging in your vehicle keeps the engine block warm, and then it gives your battery that added advantage when it goes to turnover. So once it starts and you’re ready to go, first and foremost, make sure it’s clear of snow. So brush all that snow off. Make sure you’ve got out your visibility out of the windshield. Make sure you can see out of your windows. Turn your lights on make sure those are working as well, too, so that while you’re clearing off the vehicles that you can see other motorists. You want to ensure that other motorists can see you as well, too.”

Ryan adds that winter tires can provide an added feeling of safety as you drive. 

Angela Stewart

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