Alberta Premier Jason Kenney responds to membership complaint, confident about leadership review

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney responded to UCP MLA Brian Jean filing a complaint with Elections Alberta. This comes after Jean claims eight credit cards were used to buy over 4,600 UCP memberships. Jean says the bulk buying came from the Kenney campaign team.

During a stop in our city Wednesday, Premier Kenney said the memberships were bought through a system that is verified and Jean’s complaint is just another attempt to divide the party.

“It’s all just silliness. The party has an approved process for campaigns like Mr. Jean’s nomination campaign to process paper membership forms through an online portal, all of that is verified, it’s all audited, and all the paperwork is there to prove that those were all individual purchases with people’s consent and payment. This is unfortunate that people want to continue to distract, I think that’s coming from folks who for whatever reason are more focused on division than unity but I think the vast majority of Alberta Conservatives want to be united.”

May 18, we will also know the results of the UCP Leadership Review and if Premier Kenney will receive the support he needs, the 50 plus one vote, to be able to stay on as leader. Kenney says he feels pretty confident.

“I am confident that I’ll receive an endorsement from the members of the United Conservative Party who want to move forward united into the future recognizing our government has delivered on 90 per cent of our election commitments. We know as Conservatives we can only win if we are united and I think that’s the view of the vast majority of our members.”

Angela Stewart

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