Alberta introduces motion for equalization referendum

Premier Jason Kenney announced on Monday that he will introduce a motion in the legislature, for a referendum question asking Albertans if equalization payments should be removed from Canada’s Constitution. A political science professor from the University of Lethbridge says people from across the country have agreed that the current fiscal referendum is not designed for the way that Canada is today.

“Best case scenario coming out of the referendum would be that Premier Kenney can persuade other provinces and the federal government to review the fiscal stabilization formula whereby the federal government can adjust its grants to provinces who face a major shortfall in revenues due to an economic decline that is growing greater than the provincial average,” says Dr. Geoffrey Hale, a Political Science Professor at the U of L. “The best we can hope for is to get a fair deal during those times when oil prices go through the floor.” 

If the motion is passed, it will be added to a provincewide referendum ballot on October 18, during the municipal and Senate elections.

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