Vulcan County declarers agriculture disaster

Vulcan County has declared an agriculture disaster after experiencing very hot and dry conditions which has affected crops for farmers. An official with the county says the hot weather Southern Alberta experienced at the end of May and into early June, caused a number of crops to suffer.  

“Obviously rain is welcome. I think some of our well water, like our water tables getting pretty low. So a big dump of rain would certainly be nice. It would help a lot of our trees, our dugouts, our well water for annual crop production that’s not on irrigation. I think our crops are pretty well done. It would help our pastures. The the biggest guys hit, I think, right now are cow calf or cattle producers. We know we have no feed. Going into the, into the winter feed is going to be hard to find.”

Hot conditions are expected to continue for the next week, with no rain in sight.

Angela Stewart

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