Funding for more affordable housing units in Alberta

The Alberta Government says more than 600 affordable housing units will be coming which will target Albertans in need. Around $54-million will be allocated towards supporting 17 projects in nine communities in the province. Much of the money will be going to initiatives in both Calgary and Edmonton, but there is also funding for our rural regions. 

“Part of our strategy is to make sure that we’re building out affordable housing, senior lodges in some of our rural, more rural and remote communities as well, and to make sure that people can live in the community, that they raised their families in and that they built their lives. We think that’s critical for our seniors and provide that dignity. I’ve been traveling the province, meeting with a number of different municipalities. There are a number of projects in our more rural and remote communities as well that we will be we will be funding as we go forward,” said Jeremy Nixon, Minister of Seniors, Community and Social Services.

The Green Acres Foundation in Lethbridge will be receiving around $595,000 from this affordable housing initiative. Staff explain what the money will be going towards. 

“The money is going to be used for the capital for this project. We have purchased a former convent, so it’s got some historical value to Lethbridge because it was originally built in 1949. Now we’re converting it into seniors, affordable seniors apartments. And then we’re also adding on a second phase. So when it’s all done next year, it’ll be 25 apartments for seniors, which will be well needed in Lethbridge,” said Dawna Coslovi, CEO, Green Acres Foundation.



Angela Stewart

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