PCR testing scrapped for vaccinated travellers entering Canada, travel agent says the change relieves stress

Starting today, vaccinated travellers won’t need a COVID-19 test to come into the country. An official with AMA Travel says that with it being spring break, a lot of people are away already, and the change just helps alleviate travel headaches.

“I think what it does is it allows people, it kind of gives them a few different options knowing they don’t have to test now. Number one they don’t have to worry about the idea from a timing perspective, am I going to get my results in time, that kind of stuff. They are down there not having to worry about you know what if I test positive and now I can’t get on a plane, those kinds of things. As for a boost, it’s happening anyway because of the timing as well as Easter falling a little bit later this year as well,” said Roland VanMeurs, Manager of Member Services for AMA.

According to the federal government, anyone arriving from outside the country still has to wear a mask in public for two weeks. And the rules for unvaccinated travellers haven’t changed.

Angela Stewart

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