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Russian officials allegedly wanting Putin to resign

There are calls in Russia for Russian President Vladimir Putin to not only step down but also to be charged with treason in connection with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Our foreign affairs expert Lisa Daftari says, some government officials are saying Putin should just cut his losses when it comes to the war. Read More

Vladimir Putin health rumours swirling

It’s been close to three months since Russia invaded Ukraine. The United Nations says over 3,000 civilians have been killed since the war began. Close to 4,000 have been injured as well. There has been a rumour swirling around that Russian President Vladimir Putin is seriously ill. Dr. Chris Burton, an Associate Professor of History […]Read More

Mental Health Concerns For Putin

A number of military analysts say the Russian president we know today is not the same Vladimir Putin we knew a couple of years ago. Christian Leuprecht is a professor at the Royal Military College of Canada. Leuprecht says a number of people are now questioning Putin’s mental health.Read More