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Motivation for writing a book.

Many of us enjoy a good book, some of us may have even considered putting pen to paper with story ideas we have. One local author, Christina Romeril, recently released her first book, a murder mystery, and says her motivation came during the time she took off from work during the pandemic. She chatted with […]Read More

What the Bible says about managing money.

Many Canadians are finding it tough making ends meet especially with inflation at record levels. So how do you handle the financial pressures of today? Debbie Kirk has some thoughts. She is a successful business owner and wrote the book Wealth Without Sorrow. Debbie says when it comes to proper stewardship of your finances, management […]Read More

Author discusses help for those battling depression

Many times during the Christmas holidays people battle depression or feel quite anxious. Allie Marie Smith wrote a book about her battle with depression called Wonderfully Made. She discusses how once she considered taking her own life by throwing herself off of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and the miracle that saved her […]Read More

‘Killing John Wayne’ book dives into movie controversy

A Lethbridge native has authored a new book based on what he says is one of the worst movies ever made. As Micah Quinn explains, the movie, starring former Hollywood Star John Wayne, generated a huge amount of controversy and allegedly resulted in the subsequent deaths years later of a large majority of the cast […]Read More

How to communicate with Millennials

Growing up today can be a challenge. Throw in a pandemic and there are even more obstacles for young people to overcome. Josh Burnette wrote a book called Adulting 101 Book 2. He is a guy who owned a restaurant and worked with many Millennials. Josh says there is a perception when it comes to […]Read More