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Powerful program to help beat addictions in Alberta

There is more help available for those who are battling addictions in both Lethbridge and Calgary. Tony Kokol is the Operations Manager for Fresh Start Recovery in Lethbridge. He says what makes their programs unique is that they are all encompassing in helping someone get their life back on track. Kokol explains in this informative […]Read More

The opioid crisis in Vancouver

The opioid crisis continues to rage on, across our country, killing thousands every year. A documentary has been produced discussing this very important subject and how it has impacted so many communities. The documentary, called Vancouver is Dying, premiered in October and has now garnered over two million views on YouTube. The host and camera […]Read More

Overcoming addiction to pornography

Today’s society is becoming more and more sexualized, and in the digital world we live in, pornography is available to anyone who wants it.  It is highly addictive and like other addictions, the habit can be difficult to overcome.  Kent Levis is a retired California Superior Court Judge and author of “Coming Clean”. He shares about […]Read More

Helping those with addictions

 It appears as though addictions are on the rise across much of North America. Psychologist Dr. Gregg Jantz says there are tell tale signs you can watch out for with those who are struggling with drug, alcohol or digital addiction. He explains in this exclusive interview. Read More

Celebrating recovery one step at a time

The Celebrate Recovery program was started over 30 years ago to help assist those who have battled personal demons in their life. As Micah Quinn explains, the Ministry Leader for the Lethbridge program, says he started as a participant many years ago after his own struggles brought him there.Read More