Swirls Ice Cream goes viral on Tik Tok

A local ice cream shop has joined the latest round of trends on Tik Tok. The trend is called the Ice Cream Shop Challenge. It’s where a customer orders an ice cream cone, but then their order turns out to be wrong, and the employee then throws the ice cream at their co-worker. Swirls Ice Cream decided to hop on the trend and their video has gone viral, garnering over 4 million views.    

“I mean, it was crazy. Like, within the first couple hours, we had a couple thousand views, and we were all really excited. And then it got up to, like, 10,000 views, and we’re all like, this is crazy. And then from there, it just suddenly, like, skyrocketed over, like, a few hours. We just were getting into the millions. And it was it was absolutely crazy experience, and I didn’t expect that that would happen to us. I didn’t even think we’d, like, post it. I wasn’t sure if it’d get approved. I thought it’d just be a good laugh for us all. But it’s been crazy how much attention it’s gotten.”

Making the video didn’t take long according to Carter. The video only took one take.  


Angela Stewart

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