Four men accused of conspiracy to commit murder during Coutts blockade back in court

The four men accused of conspiracy to commit murder of RCMP members during the Coutts blockade were back in court on Tuesday. Pre-trials already began for Chris Carbert, Chris Lysak, Anthony Olienick and Jerry Morin who all remain in custody. Meanwhile around a dozen people gathered on the steps of the courthouse to show their support for the four men. A couple we spoke with said they believe the accused are completely innocent. They say the men were simply protesting peacefully during the blockade back in February of last year. 

“‘I’ve heard a lot of stories about the cops being corrupt and they’re victims of the tyranny. Well, they haven’t even have a parking ticket or any past crimes that they’ve done. You know, normally you lead up to something, right. You just say, well, I’m going to go shoot somebody. You know you’re gonna and it’s not there. So how do you come up with this? It doesn’t make any sense. And they’re not they’re just normal guys, and they’re not murderers or even want to be murders. Tempted to be.”

The couple say they will continue to support the men and will be there until the end of the trials.  

Angela Stewart

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