Scotiabank invests thousands into new Lethbridge College program

Scotiabank has signed a cheque for $150,000 for Lethbridge College’s Ready to Connect program. It is a new initiative the College has put together that helps high school students from disadvantaged or underrepresented populations transition into post-secondary. An official with the College says the money will go directly to the students that the program is supporting.

“Lethbridge College provides support in terms of the activities the students will be participating in, to enhance what their learning in the classroom. We will also facilitate the mentorship opportunities by drawing on Scotiabank employees or Lethbridge College alumni who had similar experiences to the students entering this program and allow them to meet with people who can help them navigate that process and really overcome some of the barriers they might face,” said Deanna Gonnelly, Manager of Student Success and Advising for Lethbridge College.

The College will be able to support about 20 students with intake beginning this September.

Angela Stewart

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