Phase 1 begins on flood mitigation project

Phase 1 of the Horsefly Regional Emergency Spillway project is officially underway. The initiative, once completed, will address flooding concerns following mass flooding Southern Alberta received back in 2010 and 2011. Reeve for the Municipal District of Taber, Merrill Harris, says it’s exciting to finally get this project in the works and to have everyone involved.  

“The groundbreaking was it was phase one, which is the stretch from Taber Lake down to the Old Man River. But what’s exciting about this project is the number of municipalities and towns and villages between Lethbridge and Medicine Hat that are working together to get this done. I believe there’s four counties, three towns, a village, the St. Mary’s River Irrigation District. So it’s good to be able to get that many municipalities and different entities involved in creating something that everybody believes is in the best interest of all of Southern Alberta,” said Merrill Harris, Reeve, Municipal District of Taber.

The estimated cost for Phase 1 of this project is around $20-million and is scheduled to be completed next year. 

Angela Stewart

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