Movie Mill adapts to latest restrictions

Albertans are not supposed to go out unless it is within their own family or close contacts. This has not been easy for business owners who rely on foot traffic. The Movie Mill is one of those businesses. Owner, Len Binning has found a creative way for families to get out and enjoy movies again.

“We’re offering family bookings for same households. Currently that’s limited to six people. Just think of it as a single table at a restaurant, (but) you’ve got the entire theatre to yourself,”says Binning “you’ll get your pop and popcorn included in the price — that includes a licensed film”.

Prices start at $125, and you can book by emailing

Ainsley O'Riley

Ainsley O'Riley

Originally from Ontario, Ainsley started her broadcasting career at the age of sixteen with Rogers TV. She is a graduate of the College of Sports Media in Toronto and has previously worked with TSN on The Jay and Dan show, and Canada Laughs on Sirius XM. She has also worked for the Canadian Football League. She is looking forward to connecting with the community.

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