Minister Nixon responds to NDP on affordable housing issue in Alberta

The Alberta NDP says the annual report from the Ministry of Seniors, Community and Social Services shows that the UCP is not building enough affordable housing units compared to last year. From 2021 to 2022, the government invested in building 912 units and this year, that number has slipped to 415.

In a media release, NDP leader Rachel Notley says “over the last four years, the UCP have cut rental supplements and affordable housing, built less, and Danielle Smith’s budget offered very little in the form of relief. We cannot have policies that lead to more housing insecurity and growing inequality.” 

 The Minister of Seniors, Community and Social Services, Jason Nixon, says under an NDP government they saw the waitlist for affordable units go up by 76 per cent adding, the UCP are focused on making great change in that area including having the access to affordable housing be increased by 40 per cent.   

“We’re investing over a billion dollars over the next three years in affordable housing, as well as over almost a quarter billion dollars in rent supplements. That is where our focus is going to be, is actually getting units built and being able to attack the affordable housing situation in our province. I will say further to that. Also, in partnership with my colleague, Minister Neudorf, the MLA for this area, we are going to continue to execute our affordability plan dealing with the cost of living crisis that we see across this country and the inflation crisis. With the largest investment in affordability of any province inside the country, I think over $2 billion.”

Nixon responded to NDP leader Rachel Notley’s comment about implementing rent control saying it would be catastrophic. He says they will not be going down that road.  

Angela Stewart

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