Green Acres Foundation Blue Sky Lodge celebrates 50 years

Green Acres Foundation celebrated the 50th anniversary of one of their lodges this afternoon. Blue Sky Lodge opened back in 1973 in Lethbridge, with 50 suites available to residents. Over the years, the facility has been able to expand and now houses up to 67 residents in our city.  

“You know, it’s kind of surprising when you look at the building and and you think that thing is 50years old, because it doesn’t look 50 years old. It’s very well maintained. And again, it’s a home. It’s not an institution. It is someone’s home. So that, to me, it’s going to be here in another 50 years .I’m sure it will be. It different people, but it’ll still have the same vibrancy and the same feel and the same fun for the residents,” said Dawna Coslovi, CEO of Green Acres Foundation.

“Seniors have built our community. They have. They’ve built our community. And as we come to an event like this, I can’t be more happy with how exciting it is to be here. We have an event that we do on a regular basis every couple of weeks, it’s coffee with a counselor, and we come to the different Green Acres facilities throughout the community and ask them what some of their concerns are. A lot of them are very similar, and if it’s busing and assess a ride, et cetera, but to sit down and just hear from those that built our community is really heartwarming,” said Blaine Hyggen, Mayor of Lethbridge.

Green Acres Foundation has 20 different locations across Southern Alberta.  

Angela Stewart

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