Local foster finds bullet lodged in dog’s fur

A Calgary based animal rescue says one of their fosters found a bullet lodged in one of their dogs. The dog’s name is Foolio and he is currently being fostered here in Lethbridge by From the Streets Rescue Foundation. His foster mom, Jennifer says she immediately took him to the vet when she felt something strange under his skin.   

“He came when he was full of demodex, he had no hair on him, stuff like that. And I was I was rubbing, I could feel a lump on him and then felt a little bump. Took him up to the vet and found out he’s got a bullet in his shoulder. And the vet said that it’s possible that he has more bullets in him. When they go to do surgery, they’ll do more x-rays, find more, that it’s actually a really common thing for people just to shoot dogs and dump them. It’s horrible. But that’s something that they see very common with rescues. If they see a dog like Foolio, he’s a pitbull, and people see him and think, oh, he’s dangerous, so they shoot him if they see him. But he’s not, he’s like, pitbulls, he’s the biggest suck ever,” said Jennifer Radisic, Foolio’s foster.

As soon as Foolio gets his surgery to remove the bullet, he will be up for adoption. For more information you can reach out to the folks at From the Streetz Rescue Foundation.  

Angela Stewart

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