Living wage offered at local non-for-profit

Living wages are being offered to some employees at a few local nonprofit agencies including Volunteer Lethbridge. A living wage is an hourly wage that an employee can earn to help them live comfortably and assist them in meeting their financial needs. Amanda Jensen, the Executive Director of Volunteer Lethbridge says it’s critical that non-for-profits pay a living wage.  

It’s truly important that all sectors, nonprofit, for profit enterprise organizations, commit to the idea of paying employees what they’re worth so that employees can contribute effectively during the day, are not always looking for that next job, that second job, which does benefit the employer in terms of reduced turnover, reduced onboarding training and recruitment costs. So it’s a win win for the employee, the employer and the community,” said Amanda Jensen, Executive Director of Volunteer Lethbridge.

The living wage that has been calculated for Lethbridge is $19 an hour. 


Angela Stewart

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