Lethbridge voted number one for best tasting water

Lethbridge has been crowned the winner for the best tasting water. Out of nine competing cities at the 2022 American Water Works Association Western Canada Conference, Lethbridge was chosen as number with Jasper and St. Albert coming in behind. An official with the city explains the secret behind the best tasting water.  

“It’s purely a subjective competition. They have a panel of people that are tasting and sniffing the entries. Some of the things they’re looking for is whether there’s an aftertaste, a chemical aftertaste, or whether there’s an odor that might impact customers experience,” said Doug Kaupp, General Manager of Waster & Wastewater for the city of Lethbridge.

The city says tests on water are collected multiple times a day, up to about 32,000 tests on treated water per year. 


Angela Stewart

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