Lethbridge Victim Services recruiting new volunteers

The Lethbridge Police Services Victim Services Unit is recruiting some new volunteers. The team is looking to bring on between 15 to 20 volunteers. It would be a group of up to 60 people who can deliver 24-hour crisis support, 365 days a year. 

“We’re looking for people specifically that have the compassion for folks that have been the victim of crime or trauma or tragedy in the city. We do look for a two year commitment from people with about two shifts a month. So there is a commitment level to it. But there’s a ton of opportunity to build a resource team, to learn a lot. We put you through a very wide variety of training and give people the opportunity to grow into the potential of who they could be as a crisis support worker.”

Officials at the LPS say applications are being accepted until Oct 25.  



Angela Stewart

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