Lethbridge Steel Women’s tackle football team founder shares inspiring story of team creation

The founder of the Lethbridge Steel Women’s tackle football team is sharing her story of how the first Women’s team in Southern Alberta was created. Rebecca Medel who used to play tackle football herself, says the idea to start the team came to be after learning of two other teams in Alberta but adds, it was God who inspired her to start a team in our city.

“I started with prayer number one because God gives us the desire of our heart so this was something that I had desired for a few years. I just started putting signs around on bulletin boards, are any women interested in joining a women’s tackle football team, no experience necessary and the response was overwhelming. This is something that women I think had been craving for years. I think the answer came as more of a push. Just get started, I think that’s often how God works through us. A seed is planted and we just have to take that first step and see what happens and doors started opening, things fell into place,” said Rebecca Medel, Founder of the Lethbridge Steel Women’s Tackle Football team.

Medel says it’s been amazing to have seen all the support from the community over the last decade since the start of Steel’s first season in 2010.

Angela Stewart

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