Lethbridge Soup Kitchen Executive Director reacts to new homeless announcement

Bill Ginther, the Executive Director of the Lethbridge Soup Kitchen believes the new homeless initiative from the province won’t do much as he says he hasn’t seen much action from the province or city. Ginther believes a better alternative would be to implement a long-term housing solution, especially during the winter months.

“We can solve the housing if we only say yes to a facility and right now we are saying no to every facility. I have watched people die in the cold, I’ve seen people have their fingers amputated, so there is an urgency, and the urgency clearly is to house people, but you have to have some ideas. You can’t just say, here is some money go and do it. If they get the right people to do it, something would happen, but right now they don’t have those people in place,” said Bill Ginther, Executive Director of the Lethbridge Soup Kitchen.

Ginther adds, he has seen the number of homeless people increasing.

Angela Stewart

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