Lethbridge kicks of Seniors’ Week

To mark Seniors’ Week in our city, the Lethbridge Senior Citizens Organization is hosting several different events for residents to take part in. This week is a chance to celebrate all things senior, and Executive Director of the Lethbridge Senior Citizens Organization Rob Miyashiro says this is a very important endeavor.  

“This is actually a provincial initiative for Alberta Seniors in Housing. Unfortunately, because of the election this year, there’s been really nothing in May or April happening with that department to spearhead this. Usually there’s this big launch for Seniors Week somewhere in the community in Alberta last year was in Taber for the whole province, which was kind of cool. This year, I think most communities are left kind of on their own and to see how that’s going to work. Other than that, it’s an opportunity, I think, for us to reflect that. Seniors are soon to be one of the largest age cohorts in Alberta.”

A full list of the organizations’ events taking place this week can be found on their website.   

Angela Stewart

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