Annual Farmers Market returns to Lethbridge

The Lethbridge Farmers’ Market returns to our city this weekend at the Lethbridge & District Exhibitions North Pavilion. The market gets underway this Saturday and will feature some home-baked goods, fresh produce and unique crafts. Mike Warkentin, CEO of the Lethbridge and District Exhibition, says with the new trade centre opening up soon, the farmers market will move into the new space and will hopefully attract many more people.  

“We are anticipating moving it over there as quickly as we can. Obviously there’s still some construction going on. You can hear it in the background. But we do anticipate the farmers market being in Hall D, so the furthest south trade hall so easily accessible to get around the building and once people get in there, you’ll really start to feel and that will likely be its home for the future. We’ll work with the vendors on moving timelines. We’ll give them as much notice as we can. Obviously we’re at the mercy a little bit of a construction schedule and still dealing with some supply chain things.”

The market kicks off on Saturday and will run each Saturday through Oct 14th. 

Angela Stewart

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