Lethbridge firefighters host rooftop campout to raise awareness for muscular dystrophy

Members of the Lethbridge Fire Department took a roof today in downtown Lethbridge for a campout raising money and awareness for muscular dystrophy. The firefighters will spend the next four days on the roof while also hoping to collect donations. A member of the Lethbridge fire department says being able to participate in this type of event means a lot to him as he has a family member with the condition.

“It takes on a new meaning, it’s more impactful for me but we have members of the community too, it’s just I would say more visible for me that way but we are very happy to help out with everyone that is affected by muscular dystrophy whether that is the people that have it or family members and everything like that,” said Alex McIntosh.

A total of five firefighters are camping out. All the proceeds collected will be donated to Muscular Dystrophy Canada.

Angela Stewart

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