‘Backyard hens provide high source of protein,’ hen enthusiast

More urban jurisdictions are now allowing backyard hens on their property. According to an Urban Hen Enthusiast, chickens provide great protein and lend a lot of environmental sustainability to urban environments.

“It allows people to basically take their organic waste from their kitchen and recycle it into food production, because hens eat basically everything. So you can take all of your compost scraps, feed it to your hens, and then guano from the hens goes into your compost and the nitrogen enriches the compost for future soil. If your into sustainability at all, hen production, like home egg production through keeping hens, is one of the most sustainable ways to get a very high source of protein,” said Kelti Baird, Urban Hen Enthusiast.

Lethbridge did allow hen keeping up until the 1950s. In 2018 Baird brought forth the Urban Hen Pilot Project to City Council hoping to change the bylaw on hen keeping.

Angela Stewart

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