Lethbridge city council held its final meeting ahead of municipal election

With just over a month to go until the Alberta municipal election, Lethbridge City Council gathered for its final council meeting on Tuesday. Both the mayor and councillors started the meeting by thanking the community and wishing each other well after working together for the past four years.


Mayor Spearman says they have achieved lots throughout their time in office including the Park N Ride terminal, Exhibition Park Agri-food Hub and Trade Centre, Airport renovations, and Truth and Reconciliation.


Councillor Jeffrey Coffman, says he has been a part of many great accomplishments throughout his time on council.


“The best that come to mind are the most recent ones and those would be the change of the budget process, definitely a huge accomplishment for council. And the process we use to hire city managers, we’ve really matured as an organization there and have been very happy manging to secure Craig Dalton in that position and the changes he brings to the organization are changes that are going to benefit the community,” says Coffman. 


Councillor Rob Miyashiro has served on council for two-terms and will not be seeking re-election.


“Aside from all the great things I know Mayor Spearman talked about at [Tuesday’s meeting] and the list is quite long because every council does some really good things, every council does somethings that when you look back, you think ‘well maybe we shouldn’t have done that’, but with these last two groups that I’ve been with for the last two-terms, I’m really proud of the work we’ve done,” added Miyashiro.


As of now councillor Blaine Hyggen has announced his intention to run for mayor as Spearman is set to retire. Five other councillors have yet to confirm their intentions ahead of the municipal election on Oct.18.

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