Lethbridge artist gives back to Ukraine, donating money from art pieces to Red Cross

A local artist is giving back to those in Ukraine by selling her paintings with the money from the artwork being donated to the Red Cross. Linda McFalls, a retired nurse of 43 years, says she wanted to do her part as an artist and give back to those who have been solely affected by the tragedy. McFalls explains the idea behind her paintings and says she felt affected by one mass destruction that took place in Ukraine.

“Sunflowers are the flower of the country, and the sunflower represents peace and solidarity so I thought it was pretty fitting. In my paintings, you can see kind of drips that I have put in and those represent tears because of the strifes that are happening in that country,” said Linda McFalls, a local Lethbridge Artist. “As a person, you want justice for people but what really hit me hard as I was watching the news and saw that maternity hospital been bombed. That really hit me because just four weeks ago my son and daughter-in-law had a newborn baby and I thought, oh that could’ve been my family, I just felt so empathic towards those people, that must be so terrible there.”

 One painting has been sold so far, with four left available for people to purchase. McFalls says anyone who is interested in buying one of her paintings can do so by contacting her through her Instagram page. 

Angela Stewart

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