Jenn Schmidt-Rempel running for Lethbridge city council

Born and raised in southern Alberta, Jennifer Rempel has had her eyes on being a Lethbridge city councillor for years now, but decided to finally make the leap for this fall’s municipal election.

Rempel is a former board member of Magazines Canada, where she was able to connect with all levels of government.  She says she’s passionate about making sure Lethbridge is looked at as its own entity for all that it has to offer.  

“We’re not one of the largest cities provincially or nationally, but bringing that city voice is really exciting to me, and being able to do that and demonstrate that, while we’re not a large city, we’ve got a lot going on for us,” explains Rempel, “we can build a lot of different relationships regionally”.

 If you’d like to learn more about Jennifer Rempel or her campaign you can visit her website,

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