Furry addition added to Lethbridge Victim Services team

A new cuddly hire has been added to the Victim and Witness Services Team for the Lethbridge Police Service. Kourt, a spunky two-year-old female Golden Retriever, Black Lab Cross, began her new role as the first facility dog for the LPS and Victims Witness Services team. She has gone through heavy training through the Wings with Dogs program and is ready to provide comfort and support to officers. One of her handlers explains what her main duties will include.

“The court process is a scary time. Getting ready to be able to be there even going through the interview and explaining to officers what an experience has been like for a victim is really challenging, so she’s there to help give them a little bit of natural strength, help support them through it. As I say the same thing for officers, some of the calls are really tough to go to, so we have her here to be able to help them get through that so they are ready for the next call when it comes in,” said Catherine Pooley, Manager of Victims Services.

Kourt will be completing the rest of her training with the team and will graduate from the program this weekend.

Angela Stewart

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