Extreme heat having a negative impact on some crops in southern Alberta

The extreme heat wave in southern Alberta last week has had a negative effect on some crops and vegetables in the region. With the lack of moisture and above seasonal temperatures, some crops have already started to dry up. 


Crops around southern Alberta are being affected by the extreme heat that took over much of Western Canada last week. Farmers in southern Alberta say they weren’t expecting this hot of temperatures this early in the season. 


Ian Donovan has been growing and harvesting straight grain near Mossleigh, Alta. for the last 29 years. Donovan says the 38 degree temperatures from last week has dried up most crops, with Donovan and his nearby neighbours busy harvesting over the weekend for silage. 


During a normal season, the hot temperatures usually come in the middle to late July, however, most of Alberta experienced them last week, roughly three weeks ahead of schedule. 


For crops that are known to thrive in the heat, such as sugar beets. Tempest Director with the Alberta Sugar Beet Growers, Cory Vanden Elzen, says the nearly 40 degree heat is also having an effect on them.


With the drying of crops and early harvest for silage, bees and other insects that use the flowers to pollinate are beginning to dwindle in numbers. 


Donovan adds with the early drought, many farmers around the region will be submitting insurance claims to ease the burden.

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