Coulee plant identification series

The University of Lethbridge is partnering with the Helen Schuler Nature Centre for their second annual 3-part immersive series on coulee plant identification. The course is an opportunity for people to learn more about some of our local floral that grows out in our coulees.  

“Nature appreciation and getting out into nature is very, very important. I think we’re all sort of guilty of getting stuck behind our screens and not maybe making it out into nature as much as we should. And I have a dog, I take her to the dog parks and quite often I hear people just chatting and pointing out the flowers, saying, I wonder what that is. Or I wonder what the name of that is. And so having focus in terms of learning the names and how to identify flowers that grow here in Lethbridge I think is important. And also it does give people the opportunity to get outside and just enjoy nature a bit.”

The course will be taking place starting on May 24th. More details can be found here. 


Angela Stewart

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