Coaldale Town Office relocating

The Coaldale Town Office will soon be in a new location. The office will be relocated to the second floor of the new Civic Square Building. Officials with the town say the facility is part of a 3-phase economic development project with construction beginning back in July of 2021.  

“The opening of this building just represents the completion of phase one. Phase two includes another private commercial real estate building that will be built in the future. And then phase three includes the redevelopment of the outdoor space behind the Civic Square building. So it really is like a downtown redevelopment project, which makes it so significant for the community. This project has brought in millions of dollars of private investment into Coaldale’s downtown core. And that’s something that the town hasn’t seen for decades,” said Jonathan Wensveen, Manager of Government Relations, Town of Coaldale. 

The building will also serve as the new council chambers and a new atrium that can seat over two hundred people for community events and weddings. Coaldale’s Town Office will officially operate out of the new space as of January 30th. 

Angela Stewart

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