Local Catholic church on Pope Benedict XVI legacy

A priest at a Lethbridge church is reacting to the death and funeral of Pope Benedict the 16th today. Father Kevin Tumback of All Saints Roman Catholic Parish believes the Pope’s legacy will continue to unfold as time goes on. Father Tumback says Pope Benedict left an extraordinary mark on the world.  

“A lot of times with legacy, it’s not until the person is a few years past where we actually start to realize their importance and their value to us. So I think we’re just beginning to see what he’s left us and how that will continue to unfold. He had a constant message and that was the importance of the Eucharist and the life of the people. It was the importance of being pastoral, to be loving, to be caring, to be compassionate to the people, to be a service to the people, to be good servant leaders. And for us as priests and clergy, I think that’s very powerful. This man touched the hearts and souls of a lot of people and we’re going to miss him and but the church carries on.”

Around 60,000 people attended the Pope’s funeral Thursday in Vatican City.   

Angela Stewart

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