Christmas Hope partnership kicks off

The Christmas season has officially kicked off in Lethbridge with the launch of the annual Christmas Hope campaign. It’s a partnership of six agencies coming together to help some of the less fortunate in our city and to ensure they have a good Christmas. CEO for Lethbridge Family Services Sandra Mintz explains how they help during this time. 

“We put together gift bundles for children in need and families in need and other organizations concentrate on food. And the thing that we like about our collaboration is we feel like we work so well together to create kind of a safety net and it’s very important to us to steward the public trust well. So we share database and we share lists to make sure that there isn’t duplication of giving going on and we’re able to support each other’s campaigns,” said Sandra Mintz, CEO of Lethbridge Family Services.

Executive Director for the Interfaith Food Bank Society of Lethbridge, Danielle McIntyre says this year is different for them as a lot more families have been coming out in need of food.  

“Partnership like Christmas Hope, really helps us to maximize our resources and limit the duplication of services. By working together it means that we have to do less than we normally would in the sense that we work off of one master registration list. So we are not doubling up on hampers at one food bank or at the other. Instead we are helping exactly how many people as our agency agency is able to. And that’s one of the nicest things about the partnership is we still maintain our identity, we maintain our programs, we maintain our fundraisers. Each partner does what they do best to make sure that the family is supported as a whole,” said Danielle McIntyre, Executive Director of Interfaith Food Bank Society of Lethbridge.

Officials with Christmas Hope say they are working to serve about 300 adults and over five thousand kids in the city with supplies for a great holiday season. 

Angela Stewart

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