Campers already flocking to RV resort just in time for high season

The warm weather means more people will be out camping and RVing. The Bridgeview RV Resort is just beginning their season with many already setting up their fifth wheels and travel trailers. There are around 124 RVs currently at the park and more are expected to show up. One of the managers of the resort says they have even brought back some of the activities they lost during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We are really excited that we are back to normal, that’s a really good thing that we can start doing all the things that we were doing before. Ice cream socials are big thing with us and so on Friday’s we like to have those things and have the community come out and join us, and join us for a scoop of ice cream. We are able to do those fun things again and get people involved. We’ve got crafts going for the kids on the weekends and a lot of fun things that way. The pool is open all the time and so everybody is having a good time and they are relaxing and I think it’s good for the community again,” said Kathy Regehr, Manager of Bridgeview RV Resort.

There is room for 211 RVs at the resort. More details on how to book at the resort can be found here. 


Angela Stewart

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