Best approach when setting New Year’s resolutions

It’s a new year and around this time many of us begin to set some new goals and resolutions we would like to accomplish in the year ahead. Cary Kish, a local life coach says it’s important to set long term goals. He says, however, that the best approach people can take to get started is setting things called “process” goals.  

“So what do we need to do to accomplish that goal and then being that those are the ones that are the guideposts that we measure along the way, that we give ourselves a pat on the back when we accomplish them. So when I go back to fitness, for example, I want to lose whatever 20 pounds. I want to bench 300 pounds, whatever that is, that you go back to that, and in knowing that the steps you need to take to get to that and having it scheduled out and then actually doing those things along the way. And that’s what we celebrate. A lot of times, then, once we get to the goalpost, the processes that become part of your habits, your daily routines, you have the discipline to do it. Once you get to that goalpost, you keep doing those as a part of where you’re going,” said Cary Kish of Cary Kish Coaching.

Kish says often people don’t ask themselves why they want to accomplish something, and therefore will often times not reach their life goals. 

Angela Stewart

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