Sunwing passengers frustrated after being stranded

Some Sunwing travellers from Saskatchewan say the airline is leaving them at airports in other provinces. Patrick Go-Bay of Prince Albert says his group of 11 people had to rent cars and drive home after Sunwing flew them back to Canada more than a week late and left them at Calgary’s airport. The carrier has been scrambling to bring hundreds of passengers home from destinations including Cuba, The Dominican Republic and Mexico after winter storms disrupted its operations over the holidays. A number of Sunwing customers, including those from Ontario, are pretty upset right now. 

“It was actually very frustrating. They didn’t have any information. The Sunwing representative that was at our hotel had no information for us. We were actually telling him all of the delays. It was a nightmare. It was scary. We were in a foreign country and we didn’t know what to do or who to turn to. As a matter of fact, we didn’t come home with Sunwing. We actually booked another flight to come home or we would probably still be there,” said Nicole Spiece, Ontario resident stranded in Punta Cana.

Bridge City News reached out to Sunwing Vacations for a comment but has yet to hear back. Sunwing also announced a temporary suspension of services to both Regina and Saskatoon until February 3.

Angela Stewart

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