Avalanche Canada warns of potential snowstorm in the Rockies, tips for hikers

If you plan on heading out to the mountains anytime soon, keep in mind that we are still in avalanche season and the risk of an avalanche is still prevalent. Although it may feel warmer down at ground level, it is still quite cold up in the mountains during this time of year and an official with Avalanche Canada says they are monitoring an incoming snowstorm expected for this weekend, so be extra cautious if you are heading out.

“So when we do get that new snow sitting on the snow surface, it’ll shed fairly easily. Probably not in large avalanches, it’s probably going to be fairly you know small, but if you got a little bit of wind accumulation as well, you could get into some problems in some of the steeper zones. I would say that Saturday is a day to be a little bit cautious with. As we move further then a lot of the hazard determination is going to be determining how warm it is and how much sunshine there is,” said James Floyer, Forecast Programs Supervisor with Avalanche Canada.

Before you take a trip to the mountains, make sure you are equipped with the proper tools just in case you or anyone you are with, are involved in an avalanche.  

Angela Stewart

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