Annual Jane’s Walk set to stroll through Lethbridge

The annual Jane’s Walk is back and will be making its way through Lethbridge this weekend. The walk, which has been taking place in our city for the last nine years, is a free walking tour for pedestrians to learn more about neighborhoods and hear different stories about the city. An organizer for the event explains the importance of the walk.

“These stories could be because they have heard from family members or friends that have been passed down through many generations or because people have done the research about a building. One of the interesting things that happens is people begin sharing so, perhaps one person will have one side of the story about a building and another person on the walk will have another perspective on it. It’s not just about one person sharing, it’s about the story we can all bring to the table with our different experiences,” said Genesis Hevia Orio, Community Planner and Organizer of the walk for the City of Lethbridge.

If you are interested in participating in the walk, more details can be found here. 


Angela Stewart

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