Neuron Mobility scoots to North Lethbridge

Neuron Mobility, a new E-Scooter service in Lethbridge, is expanding its reach and now users will be able to scoot on the north side of the city. The expansion began on Wednesday and the scooters and e-bikes can reach as far as Legacy Ridge, Hardieville, Uplands and parts of Anderson and Churchill Parks. An official with Neuron explains why North Lethbridge wasn’t included in the original plan.

“This is the decision that we took with the city from the beginning just when you launch in a new area, it’s very hard to cover the entire city so, we thought just that we would start here with the goal to always push to get into the north as quickly as we could. The ridership has been fantastic so far since we’ve started, it’s far surpassed our expectations and so I think just a testament to how well it’s been received in the city that we were able to do this within less than a month of launching,” said Daniel Rodrigo, Alberta Regional Manager for Neuron Mobility.

The program launched on April 8, and since then, thousands of people have ridden over 40,000 kilometres throughout the city.

Angela Stewart

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