Afghan refugees arrive in Lethbridge

On Oct. 5, a number of Afghan Refugees arrived in our city following the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan. Lethbridge Family Services assisted in their arrival by providing some help to get everyone settled. Ahmed Fahim Ahmadi says Canada feels like paradise to him after being here for a little over two weeks now.  

“I can say I felt on fifth October, when I just came at Calgary Airport, I just felt I’m in paradise because I just experienced very bad things, especially during last year when the Taliban took over. So it felt I just came to paradise,” said Ahmed Fahim Ahmadi.

Nazifa Haidari, a former journalist in Afghanistan says she feels really safe now being in Alberta.  

“Since I came here, fifth of October, the first time I put my foot down here, I feel safe, I feel in peace. Before I came here, I never had peace and I never lived in peace. I was always threatened, my life was always in danger because I used to be a journalist,” said Nazifa Haidari.

Lethbridge Family Services says the community support the refugees has received so far has been great. 

Angela Stewart

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