Winter Lights Festival opens soon at Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden

The 7th annual Winter Light Festival begins next week in Lethbridge. The annual event will be taking place at Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden and features thousands of colourful lights for families to enjoy this Christmas season. Marketing Manager Eric Granson says they have some new additions this year.  

“We get new sculptures made from Calgary and those will be ready to go for opening night. And on top of that as well, we have introduced a new dome experience for our guests to enjoy. So the dome experience that we have, we have two different events going on. The Sakura display, which translates to cherry blossoms, as well as Northern Lights display which is what we know very well here in Canada. So each one of them Wednesday, Friday and Sunday are our Northern Lights exhibits and Thursday and Saturday are our a Sakura exhibits,” said Eric Granson, Marketing Manager for the Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden.

The festival will open on November 30th, and tickets can be bought at the garden. 

Angela Stewart

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