United Way of Lethbridge and South Western Alberta to host ‘Pull the Bus’ event

The United Way of Lethbridge and South Western Alberta will be hosting their first annual Pull the Bus campaign next month. Residents will team up in groups of eight and work together to pull a city transit bus to raise money for various organizations. The Executive Director for United Way Jaci Zalesak says a lot of organizations have been struggling financially throughout the year, so this campaign is a great way to show their support.   

“We’ve seen a lot of events cancel or being postponed. And so this is really United Way stepping up to pull together as a community and help support different agencies throughout different communities. Being able to raise funds, as United Way does, support different agencies in the human services field toto raise money to support the programs that are vital and needed most throughout our communities. And so this is going to be a really important event to help raise those dollars.”

The Pull the Bus event takes place on September 11th at Festival Square. 

Angela Stewart

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