Lethbridge College students named as finalists for ASET Capstone Project of the Year Award

A couple of Lethbridge College students have been named as finalists for the Capstone Project of the Year Award. The award is given out on a yearly basis through ASET, the Association of Science and Engineering Technology Professionals of Alberta. Hannah Thompson was one of the finalists along with her partner Tyce Daniells were recognized for their project to determine whether the addition of glass fibers mix with hot asphalt would improve its performance.   

“We believed that the glass fibers would create elastic like properties. You would kind of think of it as spiderweb, how it sticks to things, and that’s kind of how asphalt cement would be to glass fibers. Early July, that’s when we got the email saying, congratulations, you’re a finalist. And that’s when it all all really hit. Me and my partner, Tyce. Where, oh, my gosh, we’re a finalist. And we were really shocked, but really happy about it.”

Thompson and her partner are one of nine finalists for the project, the winning project will be announced at the end of October.  

Angela Stewart

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