Ultra-early seeding wheat topic discussed during Farming Smarter conference day two

It was day two of the Farming Smarter Conference and Trade Show in Lethbridge. Many guest speakers took part in the two-day conference including Graham Collier from Nufarm Canada. Collier spent part of the day talking about ultra-early seeding spring wheat. He explains how this new system is different than a traditional way to seed.  

“It’s a little bit of a mind shift than a mentality change, because traditionally, we look at a calendar date for when to go see, but this system is based on using a soil temperature. So if you think of a calendar date and the time of year and the season, what it’s looking like, if you see it on that same calendar date every year, you’re seeding at a different point in that growing season every year. If you seed based on a soil temperature trigger, you’re going to change your date that you’re seeding within the year, but you’re going to seed at the same time within the growing season.”

Collier says the conference which takes place next year is a great way to provide outreach to farmers. The conference wrapped up on Thursday afternoon.    

Angela Stewart

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