Two city parks face irrigation issues, watering period extends

Irrigation issues at two city parks are causing longer watering periods and as a result, park-goers can expect to hear a lot of noise throughout the day. The pumps at Henderson and Legacy Park are not functioning properly and workers began investigating this morning into a suspected blockage in the pumps. A city official says watering periods are reaching about 18 plus hours a day.

“Obviously we don’t see as many park users in the overnight hours so as we are watering it doesn’t interrupt as much park use overnight. When we have to start watering during the day and people are using the parks, sprinklers can come on at any time and create a little water show for people using the parks system. In Legacy it’s a little more impactful because we are pretty much at a 24-hour window now which means water is running all day, seven days a week,” said Chris Witkowski, Parks Planning Manager for the City of Lethbridge.

The city says they will focus on watering the less used areas during park hours.

Angela Stewart

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