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Maria Fitzpatrick recounts abuse at the hands of ex-husband

Domestic violence impacts so many families here in Alberta. It is also Family Violence Prevention Month in our province. Maria Fitzpatrick, the former Lethbridge-East MLA, has shared her own story of domestic abuse. BCN’s Micah Quinn chatted with Fitzpatrick about how she had a few close brushes with death at the hands of her ex-husband.Read More

Working the land to grow your own food

With inflation and the cost of living rising, members of our community are changing the way they get their food. Mandy Sandbach has been teaching people how to grow their own food for years now. Sandbach spoke at SACPA in Lethbridge explaining how people can curb their hunger through working the land instead of heading […]Read More

The impact of Treaty 7 discussed at SACPA

Treaty 7 and its impact on the Blackfoot people was discussed on Thursday at a SACPA session. Treaty 7 was signed in 1877 after two years of talks as the current Canadian government hoped to build the railway across Indigenous land. Dr. Mike Bruised Head, a University of Lethbridge professor, and the great-great-grandson of Red […]Read More

Lethbridge Drug Treatment Court highlighted at SACPA

A drug treatment court that was started in November of 2020 is having a big impact in Lethbridge. The court was the topic of discussion during a SAPCA session at the Lethbridge Senior Citizens Organization on Thursday. Chelsey De Groot, the Regional Director for the Lethbridge Drug Treatment Court program says the initiative has been […]Read More

Benefits of virtual reality discussed at SACPA

The world is changing and the introduction of virtual and augmented reality has streamlined the way businesses and schools operate. A recent presentation at SACPA in Lethbridge highlighted the growth of the two in the technology sector. Video Journalist Micah Quinn has the details on some exciting ways virtual and augmented reality is truly helping […]Read More

One man’s journey from Afghanistan to Canada

A man from Afghanistan shared how he escaped from the Taliban during a SACPA session on Thursday. In 2021 the Taliban took over the country. Video Journalist Micah Quinn listened to the man’s frightful journey out of Afghanistan and how he made his way to Canada.Read More

Vladimir Putin health rumours swirling

It’s been close to three months since Russia invaded Ukraine. The United Nations says over 3,000 civilians have been killed since the war began. Close to 4,000 have been injured as well. There has been a rumour swirling around that Russian President Vladimir Putin is seriously ill. Dr. Chris Burton, an Associate Professor of History […]Read More

Doctor shortage issue discussed by ER physician

In Lethbridge, there is a continuing issue with doctor shortages. There is only one clinic in Lethbridge where doctors are accepting new patients, which is the Prairie Treatment Opioid Dependency Clinic. Patients are now going to the emergency department in our city seeking a doctor. Recently, three doctors have signed letters of recruitment and seven […]Read More

Home-based care critical for Stephen Lewis Foundation

The AIDS and HIV pandemic is still affecting a number of countries in Africa. The Stephen Lewis Foundation is working to help 15 countries fight the challenges they are currently facing. The Deputy Director of Impact and Learning at the foundation, Leah Odle-Benson, presented at SACPA on Thursday and said the group works extensively to […]Read More

Human trafficking occurring in plain sight, says SACPA guest

Incidents of human trafficking are occurring in plain sight. That is according to Jessica Brandon, the Director of Programs for the Action Coalition on Human Trafficking in Alberta. Brandon presented at SACPA on Thursday afternoon and says last year the organization helped many victims. “In 2021, we assisted 55 new clients. Most were actually male […]Read More

Irrigation program a must says SACPA guest

In October of 2021, the government of Alberta and the Canada Infrastructure Bank announced $815 million in investments for eight irrigation districts to increase water capacity and modernize irrigation infrastructure. This program is called the Alberta Irrigation Modernization Program. Just a little later, in November of the same year, the value of the program shot […]Read More

Lethbridge physician addresses doctor shortage at SACPA

Over the past few years during the pandemic Lethbridge has experienced a shortage of doctors. Lethbridge currently has no primary care physicians accepting new patients at walk-in clinics. By the end of 2021, approximately 45 per cent of residents did not have access to a family physician. That means there were about 69 physicians in […]Read More

Domestic abuse facing men

The Calgary Counseling Centre has been dealing with a unique issue for a number of years now. Men who suffer from domestic abuse. The Male Domestic Abuse Program delivers services to those same men. The program delivers outreach support, connecting clients with community resources, and offers a 14-week therapy group for men who have experienced […]Read More

Solar panel canal covers discussed at SACPA

Water competition was top of mind at SACPA in Lethbridge. Regions in the Canadian prairies of southern Alberta are learning how to manage declining water resources, lower snowfall volumes, and less predictable precipitation events. Dr. Dena McMartin is an environmental and agricultural engineer and Vice-President of Research at the University of Lethbridge. She says there […]Read More

SACPA guest says seniors facing even more isolation

Many seniors in our city say they are in need of a friendly voice or message through a simple phone call. The Keep In Touch Program run by Volunteer Lethbridge aims to pair volunteers with seniors in isolation. The program is currently seeking funding and donations to keep going. The Alberta Mental Health and Addiction […]Read More

SACPA guest says no to open-pit coal mining

Five retired provincial fish and wildlife biologists provided a submission to the Coal Policy Committee earlier this year called Insights On Coal Development. Members say the submission was grounded in their experience as provincial biologists and in ecological arguments. The Coal Policy Committee was granted more time until December 31st to release their final submissions […]Read More

Conservation of insects discussed at SACPA

Insects and spiders play a huge role in our ecosystems, but experts say a large majority of them are on the decline. Dan Johnson is a University of Lethbridge Professor. He spoke at SACPA recently and talked about the importance of conserving many insects. Johnson says that insects like ladybird beetles are important and don’t […]Read More