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The opioid crisis in Vancouver

The opioid crisis continues to rage on, across our country, killing thousands every year. A documentary has been produced discussing this very important subject and how it has impacted so many communities. The documentary, called Vancouver is Dying, premiered in October and has now garnered over two million views on YouTube. The host and camera […]Read More

Helping those with addictions

 It appears as though addictions are on the rise across much of North America. Psychologist Dr. Gregg Jantz says there are tell tale signs you can watch out for with those who are struggling with drug, alcohol or digital addiction. He explains in this exclusive interview. Read More

Paying tribute to lives lost due to opioids

A candlelight vigil was held at Galt Gardens on Saturday evening to honour those who have lost their lives due to opioids. The group gathered to pay homage to friends and family and pay their final respects. As Micah Quinn explains, organizers say the opioid crisis is affecting everyone.Read More

Blood Tribe community members voice concerns on drug crisis, detox

A former employee of a Blood Tribe wellness centre is speaking up over ongoing substance-related deaths that have plagued the reserve. Roger Prairie Chicken says that millions of dollars given to the Blood Tribe First Nation for detox beds and supports for those dealing with addiction are not being used for their intended purpose. He […]Read More

New Program Director for Indigenous Recovery Coach Program

The Indigenous Recovery Coach Program was started in 2018 as a response to help those in the Indigenous community who have struggled with addiction. Some of that help includes traditional healing practices. The recovery centre supports those who are battling opioid addictions. The new Program Director of the Recovery Coach Program, Germain Wells, says the […]Read More