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Over $93,000 raised for Poppy Campaign

The results are in for the Lethbridge Legion’s annual Poppy Campaign. Over $93,000 was donated which surpassed the legion’s goal of $90,000. As Video Journalist Micah Quinn explains, the money will be distributed to a good cause.Read More

Village of Stirling receives added funding for cenotaph project

The Village of Stirling received additional funding for their cenotaph project. The $15,000 presented by the Lethbridge Legion will be used to beautify the monument. The initiative is meant to honour veterans from Stirling. As Micah Quinn explains, the cenotaph will feature the names of veterans carved inside to be forever immortalized. The total cost of […]Read More

GoFundMe raises money for legion lower roof

Starting a GoFundMe can be just the push a nonprofit needs during the pandemic. The Lethbridge Legion started one to help raise funds for a leaky roof on the building. The funds were met, and the nonprofit was able to build the new roof with no issues. Micah Quinn has the details.Read More